DeliPort Prague

Teo Hojda
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Architecture

Project idea

The project explores the potential of smart cities and elevates it to a new lifestyle level. It is unconventional connnection of technology, sustainability and comfortability life surmount the challenges of the future.

The DeliPort project offers a new typology for a building which we hope will grow into a ubiquitous presence. The proposal will have a strong civic presence, based on multiple uses and meeting. It allows for safe landing in enought height of quiet drones in a densely packed area, and includes other function on the ground level, allowing it to become part of local community life.

For better understanding of process, watch two short stories:

Project description

Deliport is focused on delivery service, but from another perspective. Online shopping is easy, but the accessibility and waiting, of course, can be the hardest part. Deliports are spread in the city of Prague every 200-500m, means that you dont need to use any other type of transportation, just by foot. You can collect your packages 24/7, tower includes different types of services based on self-service lockers. For example, customers can provide a convenient and secure way to order, send and store packages. With the drones technology are capable of delivering in a fraction of the price and time as we know today.
Design of tower can be increased, reduced and dressed according to the context of the place, technology part is modular. That's why it can fit in every place.

Technical information

Imagined as a ‘puzzle-parts’, where technology is modular and facade will reflect the context of place. Reducing material costs and making it more sustainable. The central idea is to ‘do more with less’ and structure with a minimal ground footprint. Multiple parts can be link together to flexible form based on demand and needs of the particular place, and the evolution of drone technology.
For more tech. info check photos.


Achten Henri Hubertus, prof. Dr.
Pavlíček Jiri, Ing. arch., Ph.D.

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