Interior Design

The standard room of the hotel located in mountains

Mamurjon Turgunov
Tashkent architecture and construction institute

Project idea

This project is created with I aim to transfer to people all live in mountains. Having a rest here, they could come off on complete. Admiring the nature and a remarkable panorama. In the hotel room all materials the most natural because, coming into the room they could experience the wild nature with inside

Project description

This project is created voluntarily. Desires I came when I did jobs on "Architectural design". I in this subject we did hotel a complex. And then there was an idea, "Why not to do to me delivered the job with an interior". And eventually I made it. There was a question "Why in Mountains?" I responded "There freely and all live". After that I looked for suitably the place and found. The located hotel is read out in terrain. It betrays the good review. The most important is orientation. There it is possible to wait literally for the sun in the morning. Also the sun will enjoy a wonderful decline. That, as is necessary for rest.

Technical information

Buildings it is located on northern orientations. Rooms begins on the third to the seventh floor. Number one room two sleeping with a bathroom. The area of the room is 20 sq.m. That allows one couple to have a rest. Height of the room is 3.0 m.

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