Interior Design

Interior design of computer classroom

Umarov Asrorkhon
Tashkent architecture and construction institute

Project idea

This is a project of a computer classroom at my university. The main goal of this project was to create a unique space for architectural students. The idea was to make an atmosphere in the room that will make students fill as if they are somewhere outside. I tried to make this room very light and free. I used mostly natural materials and colors. The objectives are to help students to relax while learning their subject.

Project description

This is a project of a room in an existing building of my university. Our teacher asked us to give our own vision about the classrooms of our university. The first thing I did before starting working on this project was taking all necessary measures and checking the orientation of the room and the view from the windows. Afterward, I made my own list of requirements for this room from the point of view of students who are to be spending most of the day in this room. Based on these requirements I draw several sketches of a layout of this room. My next step was to collect ideas for this room. When I finished all this work I had in my hands some kind of vision about the future design of the room and I proceed with drawing my project in AutoCAD. After that, I placed the furniture an alternative place. When I finished technical layouts I started making 3d visualization in 3DSMax.

Technical information

The main facade of the building is located south-east side. The computer classroom is situated on the second floor of the building. Room`s are is 57m². The height of the room is 3,1 m. There are three large windows and each window size is 2mx1,8m. Room projected for 15 students. For the ba rightness of the room, I put 15 candles for each student. For the sake of convenience, I put a socket on every computer.

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