KK 16 City hotel

William Mazmur

Project idea

The idea of this project is to give the pleasure and hospitality to the people who come to Bandung city with great experience of its rooms and spaces. Its shape and form of the architecture inspired by the motion and swiftness of an urban motion and has a dynamic spaces that allow the people to experience every room in a different feels.

Project description

The hotel project itself is placed in a site in Kebon Kawung Street in Bandung city. It has a supporting function which is a cafe to attract the pedestrian which came across the street. The concept itself is motion, which its space is dynamic and designed based on the need of function and human circulation. It has 90 rooms compatible with the optimum need to be beneficial as a leisure hotel.

Technical information

The project site is in Kebon Kawung Street, Bandung, Indonesia. The capacity for the bedrooms is 90 bedrooms. It has an indoor and outdoor cafe spaces.

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