Interior Design

Initial noodle—Design of Regional Noodle Culture Museum

Yankai Miao
China University of Mining and Technology

Project idea

This design uses local regional culture to abstract some traditional symbols to conform to the aesthetic view of modern people.With fashion as the mainstay and modern people's concept to examine this traditional culture, create a rural pasta production site atmosphere for people to experience, and call for the protection of traditional pasta production process.

Project description

The combination of ancient rammed earth building form and modern architecture reflects the combination of tradition and modern. With noodles as the element, the spatial interface is divided to create an atmosphere of rural noodle making site, and appeals for the protection of traditional crafts. This is the seat of the ancient emperor capital of many dynasties, with strong traditional regional culture.

Technical information

Relying on the traditional architectural form, the design adopts the modern loess wall, and the whole space is modeled with various forms of facets (simulators) as elements. Combined with heterosexual window holes, let light into the room through the hanging surface, infinite changes.

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