Self portrait under rain

Ali Joursaraei
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

In the course of the dialectical theory of architectural thought, there is always the question of who architecture is. Human beings as the target audience for creation in the universe should be regarded as the object and purpose of architecture. In contemporary architecture, a kind of thinking is embraced by buildings and urban imagery that tries to completely undermine architecture. By ignoring the fundamental need of man as a creature who needs a collective life, human beings, from the perspective of psychology, are in no need of establishing a sincere dialogue with their surroundings, in order to identify this medium for space in their own terms. This kind of architecture helps man make his world a little more like his dreams. Now ignores the architecture of man and, with this hostile approach of human perception, loses the ability to measure and touch the world, and the city is removed from time to time. Because there is no memory in it. Therefore, to return to man, he must authenticate his physical and meta-physical senses in order to provide the opportunity for the development of body language in architecture. This research tries to make the rhythmless and messy design of the architecture of order. What has been posed in this research is how to design housing for residents in a neighborhood that can enhance the process of creating or increasing sense of belonging in residents. The study began with a study on the meaning of the sense of belonging and the factors influencing it. Here are some of the things that come with the help of architecture. In short, in the design of the present project, it has been attempted, using the achievements of environmental psychology in the category of sense of belonging, as one of the key topics, to develop a plan to create, as far as possible, the conditions that individuals by using these conditions, they will achieve relative satisfaction with their living space.

Project description

A residential and recreational complex designed on the new coastline of Babolsar city in northern of Iran with the aim of bringing the identity of the young and the tourists to the perceptual background of the environment. This work tries to create a dialogue and coexistence with an emphasis on its field and identity potential in a seaside site. The beginning for a new style and method in and to architecture that celebrates the subconscious perception and visualization of the audience in a dialogue and imagination with architecture.

Technical information

In the process of creating this work, first hand drawings and sketching techniques were used, then the initial models were replicated and then fully functional and analyzed using with various design software. And I got a language and style for the final form due to climate studies and the context of the identity and behavior of the people living in the city and the coastal strip. In a complete and simple interpretation, first of all, the imagination of the consciousness was created by the dream of this building, and then it was introduced to the world. In the process of designing and presenting the design, first with the sketches and digital painting the main idea of the concept and meaning were transferred to the paper and then, by designing several replicas of the design, project came to a form of maturity. After completing these steps in a few months, the 3D plan and form was finally created with Rhino and Grasshopper software . The final rendering was then taken with 3D Max and V-Ray software and blown to that with the Photoshop and Illustrator software.


Thank her for tragedy, I need it for my art.

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