Residential Complex

Alireza Hemmati
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

Because of population growth; that is a matter of cultures, politics, technology and..., many townships have been created to accommodate people. The buildings;consist of too many units to shelter more families,should have been built, and so it caused higher buildings. Taller buildings make so many problems for the city, society and even the environment. Dead places, poor spaces,no entertainments, no communication make people motiveless.
but We; as architects, should be responsible to design more comfortable places for people to provide their needs. So, the answer was finding a solution for this matter. We should design in a way to motivate people that life has so many important values.

Project description

There are many places that people can have an interactive attitude with each other. So it has been decided to design a complex with so many shared spaces that people can communicate together. It was wondered that what if to design this shared area more inspiring and awesome.
Beside having a high-quality shared area, there should be something that can connect people together. The bridge was the answer. There are a couple of bridges that is used in the project and could easily links different parts of the complex. They make a great circulation way and a better accessibility.
The design has started by extracting from the ground. Less sun-heat in summer and more cool air had been expected in designing.
Each mass of complex has a semiprivate backyard for special people that want a more private place.
A pool is provided on the ground floor for a better experience and effective on the air entering the main space. Water is a thermal material and it has climatic effects.

Technical information

There are 50 units in this 3-floors-complex.
There are 3 types of units : 60 sqm / 90sqm / 150sqm + office units (for 3 types of family)
There is a 230sqm unit in the 2nd floor for whom wants to run a party.
The structure of this building is pillar and beam.
The materials that are used are concrete, 2 kinds of wood and glass as in renders.
The bridges have concrete edges for more resistance.
Vertical accesses are provided by the stairs and elevator.
Horizontal accesses are provided by the bridges as in the pictures.
A main-central-yard and 2 backyards are provided for a better experience.
An entertainment and creativities space is provided in 2nd floor. This is for all the users that are living by there.

The floor plans, elevations, sections, diagrams and renders are provided to visualize the project.

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