Municipal Library of Česká Lípa

Jakub Vašek
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

"Do not judge a book by its cover." A brief description of the architectural expression of the house.

Project description

The library building creates a new urbanistic structure, it creates several types of public and semi-public spaces. Significantly interferes with the urban routines of the city. Thanks to the creation of an open pre-space, it highlights its significance and position in the city. Not with brute force, but with its generosity. Clear legibility and variability of the environment layout allows a great deal of changes and adjustments to the needs of the library and its visitors.

1st prize in architectural competition.

Technical information

The homogeneous design of the façade passes freely in the new and also in the historical part of the new volume. A clearly legible element is created that separates the "old" and the new. The design of the façade of the heritage-listed building is based on the thesis that its layers have already been removed during a long period of time and there is no reason for imitation or copy. It works with a simple, pure form and, using subtle details, suggests a form that has already disappeared.


Igor Hobza

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