Educational and Cultural Complex

Alireza Hemmati
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

Three definitions have made the major part of the form concept.
1)Culture 2)Relation between culture and education
3)Standing of people in getting into current cultural courses

Culture has many elements such as opinions, beliefs, feats, technology, science, education,... that are float in a community automatically and nonautomatically.

Project description

Culture is being transfered by education from one generation to the next.

With the imagination of putting all the elements of culture into 2 groups which are called (Work) and (Education) and their interactions during a period of time, it can be comprehended that education and work are co-exist and they are not neutral. According to Rem Koolhaas ; Although cultures meet each others, they interact together.

Technical information

The structure is pillar and beam and the roofing system is cobiax.
The project includes three different zones. Zone A (for services) - Zone B (Education) - Zone C (Work : Everything that culture provides)
Zone C is a place as gallery to commerce or show the features of culture which is supplement for the upper level that is prepared for individuals and groups who want to run start-ups.


Alireza Hemmati

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