Orthopedic Hospital

Gabrielle Extensia Widhiajeng

Project idea

Java island already has 2 big orthopedic-specialty hospitals located in the east and center region, leaving the west region without proper musculoskeletal healthcare facilities.

West region with Bandung as its capital city, holds a huge potential, such as in future national/international scale sports events like Asian Games, Bandung could be the host city. Stated in Regional Urban Planning, Arcamanik is expected to become sports center sub-district, therefore.

The main idea of a hospital reflects on its orthopedic specialty which is human musculoskeletal system, as shown in movements, dynamic form, and fluidity. It tries to create an atmosphere where patients aren't kept in their units but instead, they're free to explore the area. They are encouraged to heal by moving instead of resting in bed.

Project description

The site is located in the upper north of Arcamanik, not far from the city center and surrounded by various sports facilities and outdoor-enthusiast communities. The ground has several sloping levels which provides many views around the area, quite contrast with the busy city center.

There are 5 buildings; emergency building which is one story with helipad access, entrance building which is 3-story (level 1 : reception, level 2: cafeteria, level 3: laboratory and radiology connected to ER and OR), main building which is 3-story (level 1 : outpatient connected to gym and rehabilitation area, level 2 : offices, administration connected to services, level 3 : operation room connected to ICU), supporting building which is 3-story (level 1 : gym and rehab, level 2 : services, level 3 : ICU) and inpatient building which is 3-story with various type of inpatient unit.

Gym and rehabilitation area are designed to be an indoor and semi-outdoor, so outpatients and inpatients can track their healing record by how many loops in inner court they have finished. Inpatient units are designed with a segregated layout so each patient could have their own window and private corner.

Technical information

This Orthopedic Hospital has various programs to accommodate the need for health facility to support sports activities. The total 9032 sqm consists of emergency building: 602sqm, entrance building: 1077sqm, main building: 1436sqm, supporting building 1534sqm, inpatient building: 2241sqm, with effective area is 7051sqm, and circulation corridor area is 1981sqm. Building Coverage Ratio is 4260sqm, and green open area is 8265sqm.

The design comprises of medical programs, non-medical programs, also service and supporting function. The whole building used a rigid frame structure which is so common in Indonesia.

The drawing shows the whole design proposal. Concepts, diagrams, technical drawings, and visualization. Site coordinate is -6.893103, 107.660872.


Project Mentor : Jonathan Hans Yoas

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