Orbis Headquarters

Thaddeus Chu
City University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Project idea

The form of the Tower inspired by the flying eye hospital of Orbis, which is the core part of the organization. By combining the shape of the wing and the Orbis icon, a curvature-wing like massing is formed and have different retreat according to different program in the building.

Project description

Orbis is the result of a unique and lasting alliance forged between the medical and aviation industries. In the 1970s, leaders of these two industries came together to create the plan that led to the foundation of Orbis.
Located in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong,this new Orbis headquarters can act as a base for the organization and help them gathering Ophthalmology professionals around the world to provide better treatment for the eye-illness people.

Technical information

Having amenity functions and shops on ground floor to second floor,and an Orbis Resource Centre with library and seminar room on the third.Lifts and escalators will bring people through ground to forth floor where there will be a lift lobby for high-zone and low-zone office.Meanwhile, the podium at the same floor with greenery allows people to breathe in the city.

Different levels of the Orbis headquarters office are connected by an atrium which can provide flexible space for different functions such as guest lecture and forums.

The observation deck with curvature on the top floor of the building allows visitors to enjoy the great view of the Victoria Harbour



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