Ronald Kajja
Makerere University

Project idea

I, Ronald Kajja, declare that i did this project from Makerere University, College of Engineering, Design Art and Technology, Department of Architecture and Physical Planning, under the supervision of Dr. NNaggenda Assumpta Musana in the year 2019.
The project's objective is to provide an architectural design that caters for spiritual, external and internal healing of people with drug use disorders socially, psychologically and biologically.

Project description

The project's scope spans from site analysis, preparing schematic designs, preparing design drawings and working drawings. The concept of the project is to create a coexistence between nature and the systematic healing process for people with drug use disorders.

The design caters for the first impression that the users get, considering that most of them are unwillingly dragged to rehabilitation centers. In this regard, the users are welcomed by a concealed facility that only reveals a calming continuing green landscape and reveals the healing spaces systematically as one moves into the facility. The users are systematically brought to an underground space 'make it or break it space,' for them to feel safe enough to open up to the reality as they meet the psychiatrists and doctors for initial treatment procedures. The users are then carefully allowed to meet the already admitted users through a 'mystery path' that reveals the next spaces slowly and systematically.

The accommodation spaces are designed to maximize the eastern sun that contributes to healing while taking on a quadrangle layout to keep natural surveillance maximized at all times in the area. The facility also has therapy spaces inclusive of counselling spaces, reading spaces, physiotherapy spaces, food therapy spaces, sports spaces, skills training multipurpose spaces, dry and wet massage spaces, art therapy spaces and agricultural training spaces.

The facility in addition has accommodation for key staff members and visiting personnel and is designed to maximize the views downhill while orientated to minimize direct hot western sun rays while receiving maximum fresh air from the south.

Technical information

All technical details are drawn to the scales indicated in the attached drawings. All dimensions are in millimeters unless indicated otherwise in the drawings.

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