The Contextual Cinema Project in Lahore

Muhammad Abbas
University of Management and Technology

Project idea

“Cinema is a mirror that can change the world.’
Diego Luna

The site located in Lahore's most busy part. My idea is to design that cinema according to psychology of the people of that particular area. I want to design building with modern sense of use but it should be fit in with its contextual environment.
I have done my work under the supervision of my teacher Ma'am Mamoona Rashid.

Project description

Its a contextual cinema project that given site of existing Gulistan Cinema located at abbot road adjacent to the Lakshmi chowk Lahore. Its very interesting project for me to design cinema with its historical context of Vernacular Architecture of Lahore and British Colonial Architecture style to be merged intelligently. I transform cinema to more social and active space. Cinema should just not a space to watch movies because cinema has very bright way to convey social or political massage to people. The building include retail section, restaurant, admin offices, children play area and four screens. Four screens are provided with five hundreds seating arrangement. I prefer to enhance the space with respect to their phycology of daily user of that particular area. I choose vernacular red brick and white plaster from British colonial era which used in hybrid style of self-analysis factor of deconstructs architecture (Sozo Cinema Lahore). The front façade intentionally it is given a De-con form the person would complete it in its imagination.

Technical information

The Structure system is R.C.C. frame structure.

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