The nature therapy and solitude retreat proposed in Sinharaja

chamuditha koralage
Sri Lanka

Project idea

As the first project in my third academic year, it was supposed to design a retreat in a given site at the border of world heritage Sinharaja rain forest. while providing an architectural solution for the people who seek for retreats with the intention of being in mental peace, I designed this solitude retreat which can burnish the spiritual connection between the natural environment and the human mind for the wellbeing of their mental and physical health. with the high potentials of the natural environment in the site, this design is provided with spaces which enhances the purpose of solitude, through the process of nature therapy.
The built environment of this design is designed in a manner of blending with the fascinating natural environment of the site, to enhance the solitude purpose and to heal the human mind through the "effortless attention of green".

Project description

this project is planned to construct within a one year of the construction period and 20-30 years of the operational period. because of the selected client from the government sector, this design has planned to be done within a minimum budget with the use of locally available building materials and traditional building technics. also with the purpose of solitude, this design is catering to two users at a time while providing the ideal environment for them to be in mental peace.

Technical information

with the purpose of solitude and the highly sensitive natural environment of the site context, this retreat is designed in small scale with so many sustainable approaches of construction. this retreat is proposed to construct with natural building materials which are 99% biodegradable. also, the proposed building materials are easily procured from the local context in Sinharaja.
And with this design, it provides so many opportunities to uplift the neighboring community in Sinharaja by participating them for this design.

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