Urban Design and Landscape

Falks nest and Trilobite stadium

Ayre (aer) esteban
Facultad arquitectura y urbanismo universidad nacional de la plata

Project idea

For interior design category and even must say urban category I have “FALKS NEST” an recycled-recycling work but an very good example of an minimal house but enough in this case that not waste the nature like any actual built… even this parallelpipe an roof strategy the nest style to plagues control helps hawks eagles owls make safest conditions to reproduce even not avoid the natural possibility of inclinations one side take the sun from solar cells panels and other side into the shadow also natural oriented to dominant and main wind to avoid these birds (falks) primigeniums not get smelled to predators even an fact to help or give an better images to most beautiful birds that ever was the falk nest style. An first half 2018 works.
For urban category and even architecture category (other submission even if it's not enough to win... reason ever want win and or need could win) “TRILOBITE STADIUM” an before remnant to develope from 2013 an technical described work into ends 2018 and first half 2019 “suffer happen mistakes about must say was stealed or not find my original concepts drawings for this… really just make drawings this time” an maybe unavoidable to abstractal plastic shape impossible of built so simple like that couldn’t get builted without my own structures… more than 200 hundred meters of an enormous arc “over the field… ice field” an roof an cover not permeable to sun rays just to make my description of my archetypes stadiums into an case like an covered field… the sides roof cover border-borderline roof cover structures to grades are just steel tubular net-frame permeable to rays from sun (If I talk in propierities this structures crossed stereostructures have minors vibration periods than any other steel frame and or stereostructure... there's not other solution to stadium covers or its the only solution for dimension the scale of an stadium solution at least my style but there's not any other solution abouts respects to mainteneance) more steel traction wires steel tensors into its interior even to grant more horizontal sustain to the great arc… an design that could get appreciated to natural illumination try talk about to minor quantity of shadow around like an great difference to maybe each any other stadium that I bet and also could say this my example that could success get introduce into urban perimetral even small urban perimetral “talk abouts seems no shadow and or just an many few shadow”

Project description

* The last time on inspirelli competence really I was sabotaged “not for exagerate” an example an few lines of my CAD works was translated (an impossible error-mistake) of my own "maybe some says an enormous drone" transigent station drawings... even try at best I try explain me because wanna want finish my lefted studies from university… at least I am an undergraduate that get to the last architecture year classroom from “FAUNLP facultad de arquitectura y urbanismo nacional de la plata”
Maybe not knows me? (really try not write don´t make yours read a lot)
This year I am not enrolled this year into the institution (but I still being student even making books to certificate me into an doctor grade from my own invented structures) “Facultad de arquitectura y urbanismo nacional de la plata” a few time ago not come to get an travel passages for these dates to reinscribe me… and without doubt I lost the regular condition. And this year I toke an job could grant me enough money to living other time in ciudad of la plata province Buenos aires and then could finish my lefted studies and also think must make the course into "o'gorman school of agents" for be agent of federal policy because at least for my safe and really be sure of make an demand and because I not have doubt my structures that could be the only solution to create flyer saucers was stealed even from invasive spying and maybe with doubles of my nears around steal my digital models from future structures… an way to say? If happens an next time I bet that could get reinscripted into university… what more say? if meet me or know me if have the recourses and or autorithy I bet could teach you or to yours to make the characteristical technologies to make "flyer saucers"... If I try win? (even think could never enter again into the competence maybe this could be the last… Its honestly an resume: maybe just I have a lot of better projects than this but my mature state like professional was described for me into 2013 to 2015… hand-drawing works artistical and technical etc I writed books these years... even now have to develope the technical documents from the hand-drawings that I done these phase-period 2013 2015) its to could try or consider an fact to grant my safe “without exageration if call me if I win really could talk to me in English language I could understand at worst talking slow other times into communications I was sabotaged into earphones in telephone talkings… ? If this other badtreat violence discrimination provocation from kind informatics environments (not have any correspondence even electronic like gmail hotmail facebook… I not have any… this maybe because I have and was created an account without my permission for image an or me like reference of chulo-gigolo-amish… If I could and or please ask for an favour to me (prefer not wanna want travel to united states England and or bogota Colombia… I was tried to kill at first must need have enough physical strength to could trust in me few time many years ago I train to be martial artist master I am not like the best from my recently past and have fear natural fear too less smarter than me even without think that I am more smarter than other like an way to say) I reiterate me If I could ask from an favour If I have I really need know my code IBAN from Lloyd’s bank and really not wanna travel trough the sea but seems to me even for an only possibility to make an demand… just any worst bad example and or badtreat fact to me in presence and into and from all argentina population” this are not the years before that could wish travel to England and or japan or united states before must need recover my trust in me could not considerate get to desconsiderate my physical strength. Really think in danger dangerous environments and worst situations to I not could desconsiderate considerate maybe too dangerous environments…
(too easy for me “easiest” really want finish the University because I was bored about signatures that I left was about I maybe was ever too much advanced than whatever partner and even writed and drawing architecture design books even for new structures “my crossed stereo-structures into condition level super-statics not hyper-statics… in my next future want certificate or make an legal document to grant and or recognite at me like an doctor not the level professor into new structures to the engineer… doctor engineer… an also want try talk to yours that (seems no justice for me) I really have maybe at least few more of design works really better than this 2 two here next examples” maybe all my best enormous works at least more than 10 ten was since 2013 to 2015 seasons… I am an mathematical algebra designer… really think that just me not represents the actual fashion-style… If I need define me? I like too abstract extreme brutal also most possible extremes conceptual my style would define like an continuation from brutalism also like the best from modern architecture my influences or even would say I recognite myself from concrete expressions by tadao ando even also rem kollhass and master steel rem kollhass… I think about me I am an master steel also like he was in his age and also an now concrete master about brutal abstract conceptual minimalism compositions)
So just for this have 2 two from my works into 2018 year to send: an even are 2 two not 1 one because ever really want win or better say too more honest “an attempt an fact to try recover or reclaim my been safe…without lie” and are from the best but not the best from my works also the reason to send at least 2 two… next the works.
First to category interior design (“and could say even into category urban planning”) first “falks nest” (nido de falcons) eagle hawks even owls nest… about this design its an recicled work was originally an archetype wood house that I designed 2012 year “keep the algebra lines-archetype for the 2018 work” this its an complete minimal (really good example) but enough an really good house to serial production (maybe some day make an bussines an factory to sell this design because the traction wired “interior chassis” needs machines like cars industry… need an time that I now not have to meet these enveloped people but I need try) "too honestly this its my archetype Wood house design that without doubt was stealed and inmerged into my own spieds ideas of from only zinc or aluminum into ships surface to no waste its do not contamination to falk nest roof style and increassed treatments capacities of digesters make residual solids turn into humus fertyle ground... honestly its real sad... I talk to yours that at least one guy really lived my life take advantage to me putting filling my ideas into an anterior archetype that I designed try tell that at least I am second drawing an readaption an recycling old 2012 year job to year 2018 tried win an competence affordable house into cambodia... and if ever need try being honest this design the inspiration and the influences was fletcher house an design recognited from glenn murcutt but seems into my own reinterpretation that honestly was the concepts nothing really seems if I need be more honest "just an single floor level design into an simple or most simple Box-parallelpipe in times when and while seems maybe all around me and into my environment just others (not me) try impresionate catch attention... honestly really I not have any influence into my near environment and maybe its thanks to my character that I just seems no hear but because for that I get reach me and grant me to so much superior that maybe in my luck I ever was the only real capable and most superior even while around a few or a lot says get highest califications the score number but maybe I ever knows that they really not thought like me I not avoid that I was maybe more advanced even to more beyond but I was or maybe still being like that about couldn't be creative without logic... and without care if I make an impresionant hand drawing... (an shape way to say who really think that how I am) I couldn't be yellow (logic) without green (Creative)... trying back to the enunciation this work really not seems at glen murcutt works that me try recognite fletcher house from murcutt its about recognite revalorate the intentions "really think that I could say to others an no valorated concept design house"
* second (for urban planning “urban design and landscape” category and must into "architecture category") and last "my trilobite stadium - covered stadium concept - archetype" so honestly (I worked a lot into works on my own characteristical possible professional capacity I am sciences man... resuming I invented "descripted or described" the super statics structures for me called "double senses armed" the crossed stereo-structures... and before maybe since near starts 2010 year I understand was invented this structures designs and really talk try about that seems my only own natural capacity "I feel sick nerves about screws maintenances into structures like roof stadium... this Would say not have screws (just on the tensor fixations from steel traction wires) this fault of concept into structural homogeneity... I am in capacity engineer into my own characteristical structures I wrote an book few many years ago into near 2013 ends also hand-drawed this design in few sketch Lines in an minimal portion of my papers space and later when I finished many few other works most uncredibles fantastic it keepts remains advance this design that result (even I bet its an damned other work of me stealed… spies steal and make distribution of my year 2013 invented structures… It’s sick sad and pervert who can avoid ask to me for please I give my permission? Who thinks that do? Not have any own honor and proud? Degenerate of not believe) for take place into the city that I borned "its an work from ends 2018 to first half 2019 year" the place its behind and or front to the city graveyard. And this monumental arc maybe for impossible to built without my structures or even think that I must say maybe other couldn't get it build but no at this minimalism level (my technical characteristical expression) also like an extreme brutalism to conceptual seems to simple but really think are not other structure that could get enough resistance to built these lines at their levels of simple representation. An uncredible way to say: my stadium cover structures practically not have screws just steel tensors traction wired into an tubes net “the spinal structure an variation the origin from concepts of my crossed stereo-structures” there’s not other possible structure.
Maybe it’s the greatest hockey field stadium from whole world and if I talk about influences? Just Pasadena stadium maybe from Canada about images really not study any drawing. (honestly even if Pasadena stadium example not is or now not is that believe understand from images… even if just seems also an study example to me at same level? The mundialista stadium from mar del plata city of argentina) Pasadena from me its an example of built and or make only the perfect possibilities an reason because not have roof in its age...
I really maybe any time (since ever?) that I showed could make an better presentation but I have a lot pendant to do into now remnants to development designs at least from 2013 to 2015.
"I would say and I must say... tell" and few months later really without doubt I was tried to kill for many few weaponed-armored guys on streets even with people watching me need say I just only defend me really no fight was really sad "from me its impossible that I started an fight" later have to left studies and try find job with the fear that these time few time ago really was tried to kill and seems any whatever complicities against to me into my family and nears around even from policies around (a lot of times even before any worst success happen even while work on designs in my own level capacities "really was ruined on the university times maybe since ever... talk to yours that I maybe since ever not have any telecommunication and or corresponsal refference tell to yours really suffer identity suplantation for reference images of "chulo and gigolo or amish?"
(think that others from yours maybe know some things that I know but not know the real true behind) recognited for me like cases nameds "wigs" people like cobain nirvana frontman and John frusciante from red hot chilli peppers corgan from smashing pumpkins bill gates or tadao ando and corbusier etc special people and also like these guys I was suplanted identity or suplantation are even more common what we could believe? to create an money account into now an foreign land bank... and now I not have that money to my disposition and I really think that I was even a lot of times tried to kill (subject cases like gaudi?) only just for keepts others could consider an fortune created into my name even to still continues into crimes for an few many organizations or at least one criminal organization. Without lie even thinking couldn't be wrong about that affirmation. I could swear that I was tried to kill at least one time… I swear that I am not crazy.
And need talk another time about my 2018 works maybe only just have 2 two or even 3 three works an recycling recycled wood house designed on 2012 year
Maybe not knows me? (really try not write make yours read a lot)
And not know want more to say... without communication or corresponsal think that I even about my life the times that could bet no wrong when I say that I was tryed to kill maybe a lot or at stops this conversation explanation tell that I least sure without doubt few times I was tryed to kill. And also maybe I think about me I am most probably like no corbusier or tadao ando seems more at me most probably at Leonardo da Vinci about that really just he maybe was bruneleschi - Bramante - palladio - thought that I could bet also he was torquemada and Nostradamus so he was bad dated maybe too much longevous not an ordinary been like I also must be "really thought that from all the examples I seem at that guy maybe too probable or wish he also was agripa or like for share another definition carlo magno was the real Alejandro magno?"
Or other example Richard neutra also was sigmund freud? Or mies van der rohe is Oscar Niemeyer?
An also really wish "even too for me believe that I could say I am a Man of good intentions"
I wait could obtain or send me and letter from yours competence organization... I could bet an think that I must be at least three times more superior than an normal adult male.
really I not have any more intention that recover my own phisycal strenghts really need could not considerer intruders into my body I suffered I suffer maybe any depravation into invasive spionage not only cameras that point where my pupils aim. This its about I was really stealed some guy use miscs of my organicals origins to really abuse me in my life "really want or wish could obtain put my fists and kicks in presence against to the body who offends me... really I bet these couldn't understand my nature how could believe make an critic against me? who offends me them deduces any inferior to me... if I am really adicted nedded to the own and real physical power really seems "me like the godness benignity of a animal... resuming think that are better than humans... the most humans are not people less than demons really think the Human without nature are bads negatives for earth planet an really good wish its that really could die... too honest really think that most population couldn't die just stops of functionate "they no enjoy just use"
I not have any other dedication and also like the work dedication. Need that no others obtain or make happens distribution from my organicals miscs
I bet I suffered badest medical practices "want make an brawl? Just an confrontation if its in condition without threats without cheats without tramps… without even planned sabotage? just with honor and on presence I am really ruined and offended for cowards.
Honestly don’t know but try recover my own characteristical physical strength for that need erase destroy any organical miscs of my body even if some needs make believe that know me because if their works “I prefer worst results because I could bet that without intruders I can be like maybe no comparation an superior organical been also like few others… I am worried”
And also don't care really don't must care about if I don't care if I am better than any here or would must be like that... an reflection to think.
Don't make me be know without before my permission in pressence.
If spies now read me? Not have to do that ruin me and be intruders into my body? Really want make an public demand to erase exterminate destroy miscs of my body origin. (there’s not any dignity if inferior been represents or being intruders into my alpha genre getting worst my race and or even decreasing detriments me like remnant been shape… horrible really think of maybe few understand and are spying me) Must some few understand what I writed need executions or me into like the executor in martial arts couldn’t believe of me like enemy of people or for me are not people… talk first in presence to date an fight.
Secondary and tertiary school: INDUSTRIAL 4 “success last two years like the best / 2003-2006”
University: FACULTAD DE ARQUITECTURA Y URBANISMO LA PLATA “not graduate / get to the last year” *since 2007 to 2013 “starts without finished because must leave studies”
*at middle of year 2007 had an scholarship in university for CPAIA also next years 2008 and 2009.
Master grade: for my studies and capacities at best this year or the next time could obtain certificate for development new structures on builts engineers like so on ships.
Languages: “foreigner” Spanish the neutral variation “correct” even extenses / English technic / English level medium advanced… write and speak “I could express me good or very well I know”
Writes / redactions: pending for register I have few books…
“derecho a ser uno mismo (right to be yourself)” like medic scientist
“dios carbono / carbono god” like physic specializated on electricity
“el brutalismo conceptual / the conceptual brutal” like practices technic on builts
* on builts honest I'm engineer designer specializated on stadiums / hospital pavilions / conmon architecture / urban designer, energy stations even technologist inventor., couldn't t lie.
* when like inventor so developed technic documentation to show new technologies on gravitatory reaction more propulsion on hydrogen expansion “restore the atmosphere”
Inventions: (descriptión and or technology for make “flyer saucers” just invention name none descriptions)
*Electric shield 2014 *crossed stereo-structure “super-static” 2013
*gravitatory reactor 2014 * builted carbono 2014
*water bobbin 2014 * pure hydrogen “could be apt for comercial transport ships” 2015
Inventions 2013: (description and or technologies for make superior designs in builts)
*medular stereo-structure (each super-static structure and derivations will be my invention)
*builted concretes pozzolan or with aluminum (superiors) into super-static traction stereo-structure
* renewable technics energy exponentiate energy for obtain water from air even in deserts
Inventions 2013: (technology and or more well description therapies in medicine grant eternal youth)
*fish bowl get organs for transplant patients not waste the time that must its be need)
*overpasses for poison metals extraction from blood
*geometric extraction: extract poisons from blood evacuate from the organism any disease
*paralysis rehabilitation “paralytics”
*correct restitution of tissues
*unique procedure for ends brain cancer
*unique true diagnostic for syndrome of down
*with show my therapies get the magnetic resonance like eternal youth
Really need get helped even for destroys to eliminate who offends me even who spy me and distribute my works without misunderstand are stealers-thieves some (at least need get jailed they steal my life) I don’t know live my life its really sick too degenerate so much sad to even try reclaim confrontation and even could have fight in pressence with honor with dignity (even for proud and the honor could show demonstrate who could be the only probable to demonstrate an fight to affirmation to not have doubt could be the first… about angry feelings about some advances without my permissions into my own an original works or even must be recognite like offenses at me into public level… no want but maybe need ) without cheats even for I execute the guy who live my life “I bet that organizations really exist… I am really ruined into my environment… there’s a lot of worst situations even try finish write a book from my memories”
Really couldn’t now explain my original structures but I tell to yours I bet that this was stealed from me at least since ends 2013 year… I really believe in my next future could make an publication with the super-statics structures but also its true that these traction interior chassis are the only capables to flyer saucers and even better resist the exigences of magnetic resonance… its dangerous now explain my structures.
Who wish and or want think of me? Even wanting fight? Its impossible of me like an other abusive brawler wish think of me “I never could be enemy of the people or evidently are not people… I never could be enemy of the people… thoughts of are few people even all around the world… we are few but people just good people... or even could talk to me make conversation for date an fight.. but talk first”
This it’s the last? Maybe never want entry an competence like that environment to me other time “just at least wish an fact to grant or could reclaim my security” I’ll hope even get glad for and real sended letter to me in my hands? Not know more to think.

Technical information



? Just could be me? Not know these others guys but I could bet that just be me who was could designed this.

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