Trinh Hai Dang
FA SZIU - Faculty of Landscape architecture and urbanism

Project idea

My architectural diploma thesis is a presentation of a possible utopia in GANZ district in Budapest, Hungary. It is a functional, social and urbanistic revitalization. The choise of location is important for me due I have spent my childhood helping my parents in their shop and I saw different impacts and cultural changes happening. These factors were determined and motivated me to make this thesis.

Project description

The existing industrial zone is overbuilt. Ganz quarter have always been an isolated zone in Budapest, there are minimal communication and no feedback to the environment, that is why different false prejudice and stereotypes exist.
With a new layer and new openings, people and visitors would know the true positive face of society of Ganz.

The scenario is to keep the existing zone layer, I think it would be a disastrous move if we demolish, change or have any intervention in this zone. Instead, creating a vertical urban layer, a cloud symbol over the existing zone and fill it with new connection points and functions. It could be a huge step to the next generation change for Ganz district.

The vision is in the next decades market trading will evolve from physical to fully autonomous activity, and will jump to digital commersion. Therefore, people who have shops in this zone will move up to the new space and the existing old building will transform to storage, where automated robots will do the packaging and logistic.

People here in Ganz district have monotonous life. They are traders, that means most of the time they live and work in their small shop and this activity repeat again everyday. They have no time for social and cultural programs. Other problem is that there is no centerpoint for them to get together and celebrate their culture.

The new layer -what I named- GANZ FUTURO will give answers for these multicultural and social problems.

And if every people had moved up to the new layer, the old zone on the ground will be preserved and will be a symbol for later generation, presenting “where we were started”.

Technical information

8 tree-like -or cell- parametric structural buildings with new functions. The following functions are:
-Automated parking buildings with electric charging systems
-Sport and recreation centre, and later will have connection to People’s Park
-Learning and social integration centre
-Green building and exhibition space
-Gastronomy centre
-Serverpark and energy supply building for self-sustainability
-Digital trading office building

Each buildings are growing from existing buildings and connected with bridges. These buildings are sustainable and self-supporting and can provide vertical connection between existing and new architecture. The most important part of new architecture is the outdoor green walkway (and running track starting from Sport and recreation building). It creates green surfaces and connection points to welcoming visitors.

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