"AWJ CENTER" Aleppo Rehabilitation & Community Center

Kholoud Burghleh
Prince Sultan University
Syrian Arab Republic

Project idea

The rehabilitation and community center of Aleppo is a facility mixing healthcare with community service. It aims to be a transitional point for Syrians who were displaced in many countries. This center will provide all humanity-centered services to help those people overcome all kinds of distresses they went through. it’s noticeable that Syrians’ health is going worse over time due to the civil war. An urgent solution is needed to solve this issue. Hence, healthcare is now the priority to be restored. Syrians can’t come back to be productive and improve their country if they were lacking for their health and social identity.

Project description

This project aims to "bring back what has been lost". To facilitate people’s health after war, all needs that contribute to the healing process should be met. Providing safety & security is the priority for a post-war rehabilitation center. On the other hand, openness and interaction are needed to increase the communal bond of the society. The concept is derived from these needs together. Different building masses with different functions enclose a large open space that provide the needed interaction in a safe and secure setting.

Technical information

The project includes site analysis, programming, zoning and circulation studies, sustainability studies, structural analysis, master site plan, all floor plans, 3 sections, 4 elevations, and 3D visualization.

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