Sports Center, Lipovei, Timisoara, Romania

Eduard Nemes
UPT - Universitatea Politehnică din Timişoara, Facultatea de Arhitectură, Timişoara

Project idea

The Site of the new Sports Center is on the important crossroad in the middle of the Lipovei neighborhood, an area with communist blocks of flats where is a lack of green spaces for people and their children who live there. The idea of the project was to bring into the neighborhood a large green park on the half of the site. This green stripe is meant to be a meeting place for all the neighborhood's people and is made as an interesting topography in a flat city like Timisoara.

Project description

The Site is about 180m long and 60m wide in the cross of Silistra and Verde Streets. The site was divided in two parts on the long side, one part for private and one part for public open towards the streets. Of course, under the park there are a lot of private functions. An urban waved slab was created for creating a interesting place for inside and outside people through a lot of visual interior-exterior connections.

Technical information

The entire structure is based on reinforced concrete but the biggest challenge was the big urban waved slab. For this I've used a bubble system to be less heavy but thick in the same time for resisting at such long covered surface.
For making this project reality from my mind was also a challenge with modeling the slab. First I did'n know how i'll model it in the program but I continued to draw it. Finally i had to learn Rhino for this and I made it. As layout it was the first time when i made a realistic film with which I was successful unexpectedly on YouTube. A lot of architecture students around the world appreciated it and they ask me for tutorials and 2D project materials for inspiration for their projects. This is the link of the film:


I'm thankful for my coordinators: Arch. : Razvan Negrisanu, Catalina Bocan, Ciprian Maties, Romi Adam. Ing.: Cornel Farcas and Cristian Bejerita.

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