Student dormitory in Warsaw


Jiří Krátký, Tomáš Gaál CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic


Project idea

The task of the project was to propose the revitalization of an area in the vicinity of the Warszawa Wschodnia (Warsaw East) train station by combining the offer of opportunities for social activities and residential areas. Part of the assignment is to create a center for meetings and entertainment in the old factory building, which will take into account the instructions of the staff of the monument office and design student housing in the new residential area.

Project description

The main idea of the concept is to complete the block and create a semi-private space with a sufficient amount of greenery and civic amenities. We divided the building, which respects the construction line, into smaller parts and connected them in several levels for variable communication. The dominant element of the courtyard is the connecting footbridge, enabling alternative connections and at the same time serving as an important shading element. In addition to accommodation facilities, there is also a restaurant, fitness and community center in the former factory.

Technical information

The building is designed as a longitudinal wall system. The vertical load-bearing walls are made of sand-lime bricks. The horizontal load-bearing elements are made of reinforced concrete. The basement consists of waterproof concrete, a white tub. Thermal insulation of perimeter structures and roofs made of basalt wool from the ISOVER company meets the demanding requirements for the thermal envelope of the building. Floors and partitions are designed with acoustic comfort in mind and meet the criteria for air and impact soundproofing.

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