Campus STU


Agustina Margarita Muntaner, Nuria Muñoz Polanco, Jesús Castro Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo, Tucumán

Instagram: agumunt

Project idea

The idea of the project was born from the existing tunnels in the city, which were created during the Second World War as military emergency shelters. At the end of the war, they abandoned their function and years later they were re-functionalized, creating bars, pubs, public baths, etc.
The STU project seeks to connect the city and the four faculties of the property.
The concept of tunnels and shelters are recreated in routes and enclosed spaces that will serve the different activities of the program’s needs.
In turn, the materiality will accompany the concept, for this we will use heavy materials, exposed concrete and masonry. The building will be completely buried, it will ventilate and it will be basked by rays of light.

Project description

The buried building has 3 levels, ground floor, level -1 and level -2.
It has linear connections through tunnels to the faculties.

Technical information

The structure of the building is made of concrete columns and ribbed slab. The building materials are concrete, structural glass, and oak wood.

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