Interiérový design


Yomeh Dacullo
University of San Carlos (USC), College of Architecture and Fine Arts, Cebu City

Idea projektu

"Spider Shell," which translates as Saang in Cebuano language. Typically known as an exotic seafood in Lapu-Lapu City. Its concept is generally perceived as feminine, fertility, or purity. Its form reveals its curves, which links to movement or fluidity. Inside of a Saang is a snail and the shell is a part of the body of the animal, which suggest to the idea of being always in the inside. This connotes the women in behind bars wearing, as the person deprived of liberty. However, instead of proposing a place like a time bubble, apart from the real world, it would be a safe haven or a meditation place for women PDL (person deprived of liberty) to work on themselves, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Imprisonment is a chance for rehabilitation and redirection, where women of Lapu-Lapu City Jail, can reflect, accept, and be healed within a shelter apart from their true home. These women need a sense of control in a space that can be catered in a different way instead of imposing a metal grid pattern in front of their faces. They need a space where they can unravel good parts of them rather than a space that reminds them of their transgression.

Popis projektu

This proposed design is an open space that caters breathable circulation and can be accessible to adult PDLs , senior PDLs, and person with disabilities. This space is noting the importance of personal space and privacy while also maintaining an interactive connection with the other users, and does not also frighten security breaches. This idea of an open jail design might be alarmed on how we view incarceration as Filipinos. Somehow it conforms more on the social value but still challenges the Filipino norms on the concept of punishment and the stigma about therapy. This includes counseling rooms, meditation rooms, worship rooms, library, craft room, visiting areas, common rooms, dorm rooms, courtyard, farm field, shower stall, a functional kitchen where women can cook their own food, and a dining hall. As a result, they have a variety of options in terms of space. The area also recommends reconnecting with nature, as this aids in the healing process and promotes tranquility.

Technické informace

The proposed facility’s design includes rainwater collection that may be utilized for toilets and plant water. It is also powered by solar energy, since the design prioritizes open installations such as clerestory windows and pivot windows, which collects as much light as the user and the area require. This is also built using hybrid or sustainably developed materials derived from construction waste. Mainly, determined to be a holistic healthy and green building, for its users and the built environment.


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