Music Square: Unity By Harmony

rami succari
Beirut Arab university, Faculty of Architecture, Tripoli

Idea projektu

In our world there are many countries with different cultures which create multiple identities. So in which the way we live, the way we create art differs between each place. Some people will not accept it since they are not aware of its significance. So our topic will go around this point with respect to music. Batroun is an important city in Lebanon where now a days its being open to music and tourism. Batroun is full of commercials as restaurants, cafes, resorts, pubs, and night clubs. Also, Batroun now a days are creating events and putting money on it. so mainly the project that is created is a project to solve the bias perspective with respect to music in a way that the music square will present the music and innovate it for the people to accept different cultures and its music that varies between organic and electronic music. By creating a music square located at the entry of Batroun from the highway we can develop services for these surroundings, and create opportunities for the people who want to be or already are in the music industry. Since Tripoli's culture isn't an accepting culture for innovative music, so people go to Beirut to get in the business. Batroun will be the middle ground for those people. The story of the music square will come in stages where people will get educated, produce music, market it, present it ,and then innovate it with different fields.

Popis projektu

the scope of the project is to let people accept different types of music by presentations, and to create opportunities for people to delve into the music industry by getting taught, making music, market it, present it, and innovate it.

Technické informace

the building will be built by the use of 3d printing in which our future is heading in this direction and its going to be done by creating different sets of blocks and fixating it together.

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