The design of new fire station in Dnipro,Ukraine

Che-Chia Hsu
National Yunlin University of Science and Technology - 雲林科技大學

Idea projektu

We respect the local environment as our starting
point for design. We incorporate local brick-and-stone
architectural elements and heavy industrial metal
styles, reinterpreting the use of building materials
and shaping a beautiful exterior while striving
to achieve the symbolic representation of a fire-resistant
Simultaneously, we carefully consider the rational
division of fire-resistantbuilding space to pursue
optimal functionality and workflow efficiency,
ensuring that firefighters can utilize the space to its
fullest extent and achieve the best attendance and
usage efficiency.
Furthermore, we prioritize the flow of light and air,
as well as the concept ofsustainable architecture.
Light plays a crucial role in architecture; therefore,
we design appropriately sized windows to allow
sunlight and air to penetrate indoors, achieving
the goal of energy-efficient sustainable development.

Popis projektu

We have resolved the integration of architectural aesthetics with the surrounding environment, maximizing space efficiency, and seeking rational functionality. Additionally, we have employed sustainable building techniques in our design

Technické informace

"The structure in question is a reinforced concrete (RC) structure."


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