Ukraine New Fire Station

shan-chu yu, Rui-Jun Guo
National Yunlin University of Science and Technology - 雲林科技大學

Idea projektu

Ukraine is still at war, and we hope that this fire station will not be easy to detect, so the roof is made of folded panels to resist detection, and the concept of an air-raid shelter is adopted, and the living area is placed in the basement, so that if there is a real bombardment, firefighters can quickly take refuge underground. Due to the significant increase in the number of firefighters' attendance during the war, we have set up prayer rooms and medical rooms to take care of the minds of firefighters.

Popis projektu

The 30° and 45° folded plate and underground method are used as the solution to the design scheme.

Technické informace

We use 600 cm wide spans and 60 cm wide columns, and rotate them according to the base angle.


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