Humanitarian architectural competition for the design of a new fire station in Dnipro, Ukraine

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology - 雲林科技大學

Idea projektu

Our goal is to establish a warm and safe fire station, providing reliable fire services to the community of Dnipro. Through a humane design, we aim to enhance firefighters' job satisfaction and promote community recovery and development. We believe that such efforts will bring more safety and warmth to our community.

Popis projektu

We will design a fire station building that embodies a humane approach, equipped with advanced firefighting equipment and tools, and provide training and education for firefighters. We will also conduct community education activities to enhance residents' awareness of fire prevention. Additionally, we will develop comprehensive emergency plans and disaster response mechanisms. Furthermore, we will prioritize environmental protection to minimize the impact of firefighting activities on the environment.

Technické informace

This project adopts a steel structure as its primary construction form, aiming to provide a sturdy, flexible, and sustainable solution for the fire station building. Steel structures offer advantages such as lightweight, high strength, and excellent seismic performance, effectively supporting the weight of the building while allowing for open and flexible space design. Additionally, the use of steel structures can accelerate construction progress, reduce costs, and provide more possibilities for future renovations and expansions. Through the implementation of steel structure construction, we aim to create a safe, comfortable, and fully functional fire station, ensuring reliable fire services for the community residents.


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