Interiérový design

interior design of a moroccan villa

samrana samrana
Ecole nationale d'architecture,Rabat (ENA)

Idea projektu

the idea behind the project is to design a house with a modern look but Moroccan influences that are subtle but symbolical

Popis projektu

My project involves designing the interior of a villa in the UAE. I've chosen to combine Moroccan influences with modern minimalism to achieve a blend of cultural richness and contemporary elegance. Moroccan elements, known for their vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and ornate details, are integrated seamlessly throughout the space. Geometric patterns, reminiscent of traditional Moroccan architecture, adorn the walls with intricately tiled motifs, serving as striking focal points. Luxurious textiles such as silk, velvet, and wool, in jewel-toned hues, are draped over minimalist furnishings, enhancing comfort and relaxation. Delicate lattice work, inspired by Moroccan screens, adds intricacy and depth while maintaining the clean lines characteristic of minimalism. The outcome is a harmonious fusion where the heritage of Moroccan design effortlessly merges with modern aesthetics, resulting in a space that exudes cultural richness and timeless chicness.

Technické informace

the construction is made of concrete and wood


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