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University Healthcare Facility

Taher Hunaid Ghatila
University of Karachi, Department of Visual Studies

Idea projektu

The University of Karachi accommodates a diverse student body of approximately 40,000 to 45,000 individuals across various departments within its expansive campus. Adjacent to this campus is a residential area dedicated to housing the university's esteemed faculty. Consequently, there is a pressing need to establish a comprehensive healthcare facility within the campus premises to cater to the medical needs of students, faculty, staff, and local residents during emergencies or routine medical care.

The proposed healthcare program includes the following essential spaces:

Reception and Waiting Area
Three Examination Rooms
Detention Room
Nurse Station
Pharmacy with Storage Facility
Housekeeping Services
Washroom Facilities

Popis projektu

The healthcare facility for the University of Karachi has been carefully designed to harmonize with the surrounding landscape, ensuring a tranquil and serene atmosphere. The layout takes inspiration from the natural journey experienced within the university campus, with pathways shaded by trees guiding visitors through the space. A central courtyard, featuring a dry landscape with strategically placed rocks for seating, serves as a focal point and enhances the overall ambience.

The design of the facility also addresses the intangible aspects of the site, incorporating elements such as windcatchers, elevated and cantilevered roofs, and a central courtyard. These features work together to promote natural ventilation and maintain a cool, comfortable environment within the architecture, aligning seamlessly with the university's ethos of sustainability and wellness.

Technické informace

The healthcare facility's architecture features structural metal elements and dry walls, chosen for their swift construction capabilities. The main roof is elevated using metal pins, embracing the concept of double roof ventilation to enhance indoor cooling efficiency. Locally sourced marble has been utilized for the flooring material, not only ensuring easy maintenance but also contributing to a naturally cool environment within the facility. This strategic selection of materials and construction techniques reflects a thoughtful approach to both functionality and sustainability in the project's design.

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