The Art Mediator

Senal Fernando
Srí Lanka

Idea projektu

Proposed Art Mediator emanated from a lack of connection between technology and art thus bringing the two disciplines to from businesses with identity. The diagrammatic visualization of the concept of Art Technology and Mediator helped in formulation of building form and structural resolution alongside precedent analysis of form and function of business and innovation centers to build upon the spatial arrangements and ambience while achieving aspiration of building users through utilization of environmental and technical strategies and architectural precepts.
This project aims towards an outer introversion, inner extraversion while connecting fluid open spaces harbored by rigid imposing structural forms expressed through a range of media and communicated through the plans, emphasis of key ‘mediator’ spaces through sections and structural form through exploded axonometry and perspectives.

Popis projektu

Responding to the upcoming Tech-city, The art mediator project reintroduces art into the
tech city, emphasizing its adaptability and collaborativeness, forming connections with
technology and media. This design collaborates with architecture to emphasize the
concept while being habitable and creating a user-friendly environment for designers and
users. The qualities of the interior and the details showcase the abstract nature of the

Technické informace

Structural framing of the design is done through steel reinforced in- situ concrete structure. Which utilizes aggregates of the recycled concrete into its structure. Reinforced concrete with its higher tension and compression strength cantilevering spaces is achievable through reinforced concrete frame.
Glass facade acts as a medium for the conceptual approach of the mediator. It helps to showcase this aspect of the design. Due designs location direct solar gain can heat up the building, to avoid this- etfe shading panels are used. Shading panels are formed in a way that they cover the effective parts of the designs while also giving the necessary view to the public and users.

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