The flow of light - Public library

Ghazal Kabariti
Damascus University

Idea projektu

In the aftermath of a challenging period marked by conflict and reconstruction, we propose the establishment of a Public Library at the Southern Gate of Damascus City. This initiative is vital to rejuvenate the spirit of the community by transforming war-torn buildings and empty areas into centers of education and enlightenment. The library will symbolize resilience, hope, and a renewed commitment to knowledge.
The Southern Gate Damascus City Public Library will play a pivotal role in revitalizing the community by repurposing vacant spaces left by the impact of conflict. It will stand as a testament to the city's determination to rebuild not only its physical infrastructure but also its intellectual and cultural foundations.

Popis projektu

The scope of the project solution for the Southern Gate Damascus City Public Library envisions a transformative three-story building designed to revolutionize the conventional perception of libraries. The innovative design aims to create an engaging and dynamic space that encourages community members and visitors alike to embrace the library as a vibrant hub for learning, interaction, and cultural enrichment.

1. Architectural Innovation:
Three-Story Design: The library will feature a contemporary three-story structure, deviating from traditional single-story library designs. This multi-level approach adds a visual element that challenges the conventional perception of libraries, making the building itself an intriguing focal point.
2. Purposeful Zoning:
Two Stories for Reading and Learning: The first and second floors will be dedicated to traditional library functions, providing quiet reading areas, study spaces, and resource sections. These floors aim to cater to individuals seeking a serene environment for focused learning and research.
Interactive Middle Level: The third floor will serve as an interactive hub, fostering community engagement and connectivity. This level will feature collaborative spaces, interactive exhibits, and technological interfaces to bridge the gap between the community and the library, making it a social and cultural focal point.
3. Technological Integration:
Smart Library Systems: Implement cutting-edge technology to enhance the overall library experience. This includes digital catalog systems, interactive displays, and a user-friendly interface to facilitate easy navigation and resource access.
Virtual Learning Spaces: Create virtual learning spaces that enable remote access to library resources, expanding the library's reach beyond its physical confines.
4. Community-Centric Approach:
Community Engagement Zones: Designate areas on each floor for community events, workshops, and gatherings, encouraging a sense of belonging and fostering a community of lifelong learners.
Collaborative Workspaces: Incorporate flexible and collaborative workspaces to accommodate group study sessions, workshops, and community-driven projects.

Technické informace

Distinctive feature of the library's design is the implementation of mushroom slab construction for the flooring system. This innovative approach optimizes space utilization and allows for larger, open-span areas without the need for numerous columns. The mushroom slab design is characterized by its inverted mushroom-shaped columns that provide enhanced load-bearing capacity and structural efficiency.


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