Idea projektu

One of the major problems faced in this world is GENDER
DISCRIMINATION . Most of Transgender people in India are facing
discrimination under various fields . Some of them made a mark in
various industries , while most of them are not even living their life
properly . Hyderabad is such city where the amount of this
community people is vast. According to my research 80% of the
people in this communities live in slum areas and most of them are
seen usually on roads , trains , bus stands as beggars. This makes
an opportunity to design a self sustainable community with low cost
housing and low cost materials. The lake front development gives
an opportunity to make REVENUE for the maintanance of the
community . The self sustainable eco society provides an
opportunity for trans genders in various fields and small scale
industries such as TEXTILE, POTTERYAND FOOD.

Popis projektu

This society brings up the planning for a minimart , community
kitchen , a small restaurant , pottery workshop and a traditional
Pochampally textile trade center and a bakery . The functioning of
the textile trade center and bakery offers an opportunity to the
visitors to view the process of making. this creates a revenue for the
community . Therefore this community can accomodate 288
transgender people who are suffering from uneconomy.

Technické informace

the project is made of adobe bricks , recycled concrete, sustainable materials.


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