Urbanistický design a krajinářství



Idea projektu

Neighborhood, a valuable symbol of the connection
between humans. In every community, neighbors
play an important role in people›s daily lives. Being
neighbors means sharing space, daily interactions,
and mutual support. These relationships can not only
strengthen neighborly bonds but also significantly help
in solving challenges and problems in individuals› lives,
creating a bridge between the inside and outside of
homes with a forward-looking and promising future.
In this project, ice fishing cabins are used. These cabins
are placed on the ice during the winter season.
The most captivating part of this project is when you
enter the cabin and a view along your path guides you
to the outside environment. This amazing experience
allows you to engage in conversations and interactions
with your neighbors.
Furthermore, the viewpoint can be used as a
performance stage in various carnivals and festivals.
These cultural and social interactions bring festivals to
life and contribute to their diversity and richness.

Popis projektu

This project is ideated from two houses and a bridge between these houses to convey the meaning of neighborhood and unity

Technické informace

The construction of the building is made of wood and door and metal


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