dilla international airport

bereket techale, markosderese
Dilla university

Idea projektu

the idea of the project is Dilla is one of the high coffee productions in Ethiopia and known for their archeological interest. For its ancient rock engravings medieval stella fields as well as the region is very rich on the natural forest enset and coffee farms but there is no airport that will decrease an easy connection the rest of the country because of this slow development of the city also this draw backs is not only in the form of availability of in an area in need of aviation but, enhancement in aviation facilities in Dilla is absolutely for attract tourists foreign direct investment
there by creating a place of pride for itself and add to the prosperity. Of its people

Popis projektu

to create visual, symbolic and ceremonial center of the total airport complex
as well as a gate way to Dilla

Technické informace

the construction of the building material is used shell structure built by space frame and glass fiber reinforced concrete


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