Eda Şanbulan

Idea projektu

Science itself is very lively, intriguing, enigmatic and above all interesting and entertaining. The architecture of the Nicosia Science Center should be a reflection and a turning point, with its unique architectural qualities and smart technological installations and sustainable principles. For this reason, when choosing my concept as a quantum jump, I wanted to reflect the evolution of technology from past to present. While applying my concept to my design, I took the phrase 'jums of the energy are sudden and unpretictable' as a basis.

Popis projektu

The Science Center of Nicosia will be the center for furthering the understanding of science and technology by means of interactive activities, experiments, lectures and workshops.
The Science center exhibits have to be interactive and promote self-determined learning about science and technology. These activities invite to play, to experiment and to think ahead, irrespective of any previous knowledge.
The aim is to support a future-oriented approach towards science and technology and to overcome prejudices against difficult topics, spark curiosity in scientific contexts and the delight in innovation. It will inspire dialogue on these matters and encourage young people in their choice of career.

Technické informace

Steel structure was used in this building. The roof of the lobby in the middle is the space truss structure. Also, the space truss structure was used for the planetarium. Space frame structure was used in other parts of my building.
The wall material used in the exhibition areas in this building is brick and the roof is rusty corrugated sheet. Metal sheets were used on the exterior wall of the other parts.


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