Revitalization of a city block in Lisbon

Marián Kiaba
STU in Bratislava - Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Architecture

Idea projektu

This project deals with the design solution of an urban block in the city of Lisbon, Portugal. This area is owned by the Lisbon City Council. As part of the Saint-Gobain Student Task Competition, the task was to revitalize this area along with the buildings located on the site. The assignment consisted of three parts. The first part involved renovating a building and transforming it into a video library. The second part was to design a new residential building with multifunctionality, intended to meet the housing needs of research workers or students from the video library, or other residents. The third part consisted of revitalizing the park on the site and connecting the functions of the residence and the video library. The result of this work is an elaborated architectural study at the level of urban decision-making. The work includes detailed analyses of the area. Parametric modeling and analysis methods, along with data models, were used for concept development, which helped find the most suitable solution to the given issues in the area. This creates an architectural concept that respects the surrounding architecture and aims to improve the qualities of the area by providing a better living environment and supporting media-related creation and creativity. Whether this concept is successful or not, I leave it to the judgment of the readers of this work.

Popis projektu

The main idea behind the building was to create an open and serene park that would be in direct connection with the video library. This concept was achieved by elevating the northern half of the building, allowing the video library facade to seamlessly blend with the park located across from it. On the other hand, the park is separated from the dynamic and bustling city life of Lisbon by the southern facade of the residential building. This tranquil area, adorned with greenery, aims to provide inspiration and relaxation for visitors, residents, and video library staff alike.

The architectural highlight of the exterior staircase grants access to each floor of the building's facade, offering park visitors a glimpse into the vibrant lives of the residents. The building is designed to accommodate younger and middle-aged groups, such as workers, students, and research professionals who have come to work at the Lisbon Video Library. The exterior staircase also serves as an architectural element, providing an opportunity for park visitors to catch a glimpse of the dynamic lifestyles of the residents. This building is intended to cater to the needs of younger and middle-aged individuals, including workers, students, and research professionals who are affiliated with the Lisbon Video Library.

Technické informace

The building is constructed based on a steel frame system called Deltabeam Piekko, with flooring composed of CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) panels combined with concrete. This hybrid construction method ensures an optimal balance between the required structural strength and the use of sustainable materials, particularly in the event of future demolition.

The wall panels are prefabricated CLT panels that fulfill all the necessary requirements to ensure excellent thermal and acoustic properties within the indoor spaces. The entire building does not rely on air conditioning, as it is designed to maximize the utilization of natural ventilation and take advantage of airflow for efficient indoor air exchange. This solution not only promotes lower CO2 emissions by reducing the energy consumption required for air conditioning but also enhances the building's sustainability.

To provide maximum comfort in the park area, certain sections of the pavement are designed to allow the growth of greenery. This approach not only helps to reduce the exterior temperature but also facilitates the cooling of the air that circulates throughout the apartments.

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