Edgar Nina Parisaca
University of San Andres

Idea projektu

The concept for the musical cultural architectural project is based on the concept of the "Cultural Apacheta". Inspired by the apachetas, piles of stones that represent sacred points in Andean culture, the project seeks to create a space that symbolizes the revival of traditions and cultural identity in the region.

The cultural center will become a meeting path, where the local community and visitors will be able to explore and experience various artistic and cultural expressions. Like the apachetas, the project will be a place of connection between the past and the present, uniting ancestral traditions with contemporary creativity.

Popis projektu

The project has been conceived with an innovative vision and in tune with the Andean culture, which incorporates elements inspired by nature, represented by the idea of stone forms, imitating our mountains, peaks and caves, represented by an apacheta, which symbolizes an offering to the Pachamama. The architecture of the cultural center will be focused on creating an impressive and vibrant environment that promotes the artistic-cultural experience and at the same time, generates a positive impact on the city and its community.

The main objective of this project is to create a cultural space that promotes the development and exhibition of musical, performing and performing arts in the city of El Alto and in Bolivia, and at the same time, generate a positive social and economic impact on the city and its community, through the implementation of the "Bilbao effect" an urban planning concept that seeks to improve the economic and social position of cities through the construction of exceptional architectural projects, a perfect opportunity to forge a great impact on the city and an urban and social regeneration of the 16 de Julio area and neighboring areas such as the La Ceja area.

Likewise, it seeks to promote education and training on these issues, and offer a space for cultural and artistic exchange between Bolivia and the world.

Technické informace

The project rises in the Bolivian altiplano, due to the environment it is chosen to work under a mixed structure, between reinforced concrete, steel and self-supporting structures such as stone, integrating vernacular architecture in the type of construction proposed.

The main structure is designed in reinforced concrete, the self-supporting elements are on the ground floor, strategically designed in a symbolic way and the metal structure covers the skin of the building that simulates a large stone on the mountain, the main concept of the apacheta.

Cultural and natural elements typical of Bolivia are used in the construction such as stone, reeds in the false ceilings of the entrance, as a sculptural element and wood for the construction of the cave prototype, a natural formation that characterizes the mountains.

Fundamental concepts of sustainability are applied in the project by recycling water and harvesting it for the use of the building, as well as the use of vertical wind turbines on the top of the building, taking advantage of the great height of the block, as well as the use of solar panels taking advantage of the large covered area of the building.

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