Nicosia Science Center

mubarak isah

Idea projektu

The union of the sun, earth, and moon serves as an everlasting symbol of life's diversity. Inspired by this profound connection, the design transcends aesthetics and serves both its purpose and the people of Nicosia. Functional gardens take shape, accessible to residents around the clock.

Going beyond visual appeal, these gardens become thriving spaces fostering community and well-being. They offer sanctuaries for relaxation, recreation, and a harmonious bond with nature. Available throughout the day, they ensure inclusivity and invite people from all backgrounds to enjoy their numerous benefits.

The design concept evocatively captures the essence of different scientific disciplines through a metaphorical representation. Each form of science gracefully cascades and intertwines, yet retains its distinct identity. This artistic arrangement symbolizes the interconnectedness and harmony between scientific fields, sparking introspection on the diverse branches of knowledge and their intricate relationships. The design invites profound contemplation, celebrating the beauty of science and its multifaceted contributions to our understanding of the world.

Popis projektu

Located at the heart of the courtyard, the planetarium captivates as a central point of focus. Its elegant presence, seemingly suspended above the garden, infuses the space with a sense of wonder. This architectural configuration serves both functional and aesthetic purposes, enhancing the overall allure for those who behold it.

The elevated placement of the planetarium offers a unique vantage point, enveloping visitors in a captivating visual experience. The immersive nature of this spectacle seamlessly blends with the surrounding natural beauty of the garden, cultivating an atmosphere of enchantment and serenity.

Technické informace

Diagrid System
The building seamlessly incorporates a sophisticated structural system, referred to as a diagrid, complemented by robust concrete cores, to achieve its distinctive spherical form. This innovative combination not only ensures the building's stability but also enhances its visual appeal. By utilizing the diagrid system, which comprises diagonal grid-like elements, the structure gains both structural integrity and aesthetic elegance while minimizing the need for excessive vertical supports.

Strategically positioned within the building, the concrete cores act as essential anchors, enhancing overall stability and load-bearing capacity. They provide additional strength and support, contributing to the structural resilience of the entire construction. The amalgamation of the diagrid system and concrete cores epitomizes a seamless fusion of architectural sophistication and structural efficiency, resulting in a remarkable and visually striking building.

Irrigation system
The project features interactive social gardens that seamlessly integrate with the cityscape. Given the climate conditions in Cyprus, an irrigation system becomes essential for the maintenance of these vibrant gardens. However, to ensure a cost-effective approach, the project leverages the natural resources available on-site, specifically the nearby Kanlı Dere River, as the primary source of irrigation.

By utilizing the abundant water supply from the Kanlı Dere River, the project achieves an environmentally sustainable solution. This approach not only reduces the reliance on external water sources but also contributes to the overall cooling of the city during the hot summer months. The integration of the river as a natural irrigation system promotes resource efficiency and supports a cooler and more pleasant environment for the community.

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