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Hsiang-Ting Huang
School of Visual Arts | New York NY
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Idea projektu

Ripple is a sound healing center designed to encourage relaxation and promote healing through exposure to white noise. Through sound bathing, guests will be more likely to improve their mood and release stress and tension in their bodies.

On average, people in large urban cities experience stress from over sensory stimuli. Cities are often rife with environmental pollutants such as loud noise and bright light that adversely affect human wellbeing. More and more, a place to relax, destress, and recover one's mental and physical wellness is needed.

The existing brick walls end at right angles, and both the material and termination of the walls give the spatial feeling of stiffness and rigidity.

To soften the exterior form and the interior space, I addressed the problem by taking away existing brick at the west facade and replaced it with curvilinear, translucent polycarbonate material. These curvilinear forms serve as the core aspect of my design and ground my parti.

The curves represent not only the sound ripple, but also the amplification of sound– the interior is representational of the sound itself, and the exterior is representational of the sound amplification.

Popis projektu

The ENTRANCE is at the corner of Water Street and Old doc street.
When we enter the building, there’s a reception for people to check in with their reservations and consult with the staff about the service they provide and will be led by the staff to places each program activity is located.

On the right side is a GIFT SHOP where visitors can purchase sound bathing instruments.

The center of the space is a SOUND CAFE. People are able to sit, lay down, relax, and meditate. Enjoy a cup of coffee, surrounded by the smell of the coffee bean, while listening to the calming sound of music.

The SOUND BATHING ROOMS are located at the side of the building by the curved translucent polycarbonate wall. People can also lay and sit in the space while experiencing the calming sound of the sound bathing instruments.

RECEPTION and seating area right after we exit the elevator.
The staff will lead the visitors to the changing room through the corridor at the side.

After changing, people will experience the SOUND MASSAGE POD treatment in the massage pods and later go to the sound SPA POOL for a different sound relaxation treatment.

People can also come to the CAFE after the treatments. Lastly, they can shower to refresh their body after the sound treatments and Walk out with a relaxed, clamming, and peaceful mindset. People can leave this floor by taking the stairs located by the changing room.

The center is the dancing space- A "DANCE FLOOR" where the visitors can come and dance in this area.
People will be provided with headphones. While they dance, they will be listening to the music they create while dancing. Also generating energy for the building simultaneously.

The bathrooms are on the right side of the building. The elevator by the entrance is dedicated to the third floor.
The back elevator is dedicated to the second floor "Sound SPA floor" with reservation-based activities.

Technické informace

Site Analysis:
This site is St. Ann’s Warehouse which is Located in Dumbo alongside Brooklyn Bridge Park, the original brick structure of St. Ann’s Warehouse was built in 1860 and served the tobacco industry.

Total sq ft: 25,000 sq ft
The 14,000 sq ft serves as a versatile theater space with capacity of 300-700 people.
And with 1,000 sq ft studio space and 7,800 sq ft triangle open-air garden

The building is sited such that three of the four facades receive direct sunlight along its natural path of travel – east, south, and west.
When counted within a 3-mile radius from St. Ann’s Warehouse, most sound bathing and yoga centers are located in mid-to-lower Manhattan with only a few existing in Brooklyn. This site was selected to fill that gap.

Why this site?
New York City is abuzz with sound and Dumbo is no exception. The busyness of the adjacent Brooklyn Bridge adds to the challenge of sound isolation – but I welcomed this challenge. My design is intended to model an environment that acts as a haven for respite where people can come away from the city noise.

Research- White Noise
White noise is a type of noise that is created by combining sounds of various frequencies –
frequencies that can mask the minor noise around us and allow our brain to be more focused,
and relaxed.

Research- Sound Bath
The soothing reverb created by sound bathing instruments can reduce anxiety, calm the nervous system, and help quiet the mind. The common sound bathing instruments are such as crystal singing bowls and shakers.

Material Selection:
I intend to use a calm, light, natural, and earthy color palette for my interior material. Using wood and fabric material to improve the interior acoustic throughout the space. Natural stone material for the second and third floors for dealing with water and weather conditions. Using polycarbonate for the exterior material. The Translucency can smooth the sunlight and provide a soft and calm atmosphere to the interior space.

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