Elevate Performance Pavilion

Chris Johnson, Keller Ziesmann
Laurentian University, Laurentian University School of Architecture, Sudbury

Idea projektu

Defined by the encompassing monumental rock formations, the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity is characterized to a significant degree by its integration into the natural landscape. Dependant on adaptable spaces for the diverse expressive art forms that occur on site, the pavilion maintains the deep biophilic roots as a means of inspiration.

The proposed intervention addresses the current campus conditions by reconstructing the site in ways that privilege socially inclusive topographical relations and sustainable temporal evolution.

Influenced by vernacular mountain home typologies, indigenous cultures, vast national parks and the geographic strata, the pavilion engages with the juxtaposition between: weathered exteriors and a warm Interiors, opaque and transparent facades, assorted rooflines, and the use of repurposed and natural materials.

Small in status but grand in function, the adaptable environment accommodates for the key aspects that create the communal social fabric, being the people, the place and the performance. The pavilion generates a space to elevate one's practice, produce elevated productions, and be present in an elevated setting.

Popis projektu

Located outside the Kinnear Centre and Max Bell Building, the existing Shaw Amphitheatre acted as a meeting point for outdoor venue performances. With the current precipitation data, and Banff’s transient summer season, performances are short-lived for intimate and engaging theatre in an outdoor setting. ELEVATE extends performance settings by creating a pavilion that withstands seasonal conditions using flexible spatial configurations from outdoor music venues to enchanting theatre settings.

Technické informace

The construction of the building is made of an expressive mass timber structure, and reclaimed pine cladding for the exterior envelope. The project also features a perforated corten steel screen that relieves the façade and creates an atmospheric experience of being in the mountains of Banff, Alberta.


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