Radim Kunart
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Česká Republika

Idea projektu

The design concept is based on the continuity of the surrounding buildings and filling the gap in the urban block. The emphasis was placed on respecting the street facade, visually divided into three separate structures that harmonize with the surrounding buildings. The courtyard facade incorporates large glass surfaces with terraces and balconies, allowing residents to connect with the exterior and the nearby Vysehrad walls.

Popis projektu

The Residence Pod Vysehradem is a residential building located beneath the walls of Vyšehrad, on Přemyslova Street. The building consists of 30 apartment units ranging from 1+KK to 6+KK, spread across seven above-ground floors. Additionally, there are two commercial spaces, an office, and 35 parking spaces located beneath the building. The top floors feature three maisonette apartments with a perfect view of Prague.

Technické informace

Two main entrances are located outside the street space, leading to a tranquil pedestrian passage. Through this passage, one can access the ground floor, which features a peaceful and recreational area directly beneath the walls. The ground floor should create a pleasant environment for residents as well as the public.

The chosen surface material is brick cladding in various colors, complementing the aforementioned walls and combined with white plaster.


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