Rivers state university

Idea projektu

The Idea of this project is to advocate for SDG 11 sustainable cities and communities. This project reflects a residential design for low income earners in Nigeria. Nigeria population is mostly people who earn low income but are working class. It is quite difficult to find affordable houses This design was inspired by sustainable design and the drive to help others. Cost was the no 1 requirements that was considered which I analysed the cost starting from the substructure to the finishing. sustainable design strategies were implemented which are indoor air quality by providing adequate ventilation in order to solve problem of ventilation, rain water harvesting to promote water conservation, The use of solar panels to generate energy, thus, making life more comfortable and easier and protecting the environment from harmful chemicals.

Popis projektu

This project consists of the following parts; The cost analysis, the working drawings, and the interior and exterior visualizations. In the cost analysis, details of cost of building from the substructure to the finishing is provided for. The site plan and analysis are shown. In the working drawings, The living spaces and the sleeping spaces are shown. It is zoned by private area and public areas. Finally, the visualizations shows the exterior and the interior spaces.

Technické informace

The construction of the project is made of eco friendly materials that will ensure occupants are healthy. The substructure is made of blocks and laid by concrete on the DPC level to avoid dampness. The superstructure uses erected block walls to the lintel and concrete is casted at various points on the lintel. The roofing sheets which are light colored is a durable material which will last longer and also avoid excess heat Gain into the space. Provision of 1.2m by 1.5m window to allow ventilation into the spaces.The finishes are materials which do not contain harmful chemicals. They're not. harmful volatile organic compounds


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