Interiérový design

Hotel Skampa, Spa

erisa shqau
Polytechnic University of Tirana, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism

Idea projektu

Hammam played an important role in my orien about a program.
This is a consequence of the idea that the condition of the hammam
today attached to the hotel leave something to be desired. The special feature of this hammam is that it was created in years 1600, during the Ottoman period where women he was allowed only Friday to frequent it by placing it in an alley red at its entrance, as a sign north of that day. The ground floor currently has 4 access possibilities. 1 from opposite the main entrance and one from the passage between shops that serving customers outside the hotel, 1 of hotel stairs and last from the elevator of the upper rooms. In the program that I developed I closed access from the passage of shops and lashes 3 others as possible.The hammam today is modernized and spacious returned to the spa from the most modern, That's why I chose to return the ground floor from a restaurant to a Spa.

Popis projektu

At the main entrance to the spa we face each otherwith the decorative wall treated with motif that suits the worn ceiling with straw, part of the bohemian style. To create a different atmosphere
the lighting here is used with dots even with some lampshades hanging in the alci in the form of glass windows hammam but turned upside down.
A key element is the use of the chairs are made of mesh material
fits the ceiling. The table was designed by me used the same materials as the chair also turned metal legs with a glass surface. The atmosphere belongs to modern boho where In essence, there is comfort
warm lighting.

A relaxation room is the place to enter a framework of
mental peace before a treatment or to enjoy the sleeping effect of a wonderful treatment. The rooms of more sociable relaxation tend to be enlightened well with a good supply of glossy magazines that
herbal drinks such as different teas can also be used relaxing.
Instead of natural flowers, I used the background with flowers
frozen and backlit to create the idea of one box full of freshness.
Attached to this background is the floor laid with natural wood flooring and concrete textured ceiling give clearly psatertine of the natural elements of the case for one moment of relaxation.

They are found in the massage room after the relaxation room
some components such as shower or bath tub, sink, and also comes out the lap of products or clothing, these additions to carry out
how should the functions of a massage in the masazh bed.
The materials used mainly belong to the bohemian style
also in order not to leave behind the warm colors of the hand, such as the wall covering in blue or the paving of two floors with concrete as smooth as sand.
Some elements of the hammam are included in this room
as a decorative wall where 3 similar arches are hollowed out
the sinks of the hammam where they were used as holders
of candles to create a more welcoming atmosphere as well
relaxed .
Lighting was also not left to him alone
scented candles but also in the hand of the lampshades
hanging that are the same as the entrance lampshades of the same style
characteristic modern bohemian.

Technické informace

Description of materials
With acid and alkali resistance, density
high, without scales and without holes in the glaze,
a large area of rippling water bright silver makes the whole space
transparent and clean, re ecting
depth changes under light and by
deepened the sense of spatial hierarchy.
With strong resistance to corrosion and
high mechanical properties, Water Ripple can
used for decorating corridors, wall panels, ceilings, facades,
elevator cabin/door, panels of
car box, architectural decoration, ta belave, water fountains / waterfall features

The wet area is faced simultaneously
with the axis directly with the visual contact of the hammam but also with one unique area created to receive customers for the use of spa or even the pool. The counter brings the traditional spirit and
a bit boho-modern in style, going well with all the wall covering
luxuries that characterize it or even other additional materials.
To give you more vitality, I have a glass lampshade for you to touch
with the ceiling as a drop that flows from its water tank.

A traditional sauna is a room or log cabin that uses hot stones for it
create a dry environment where you can relax. You can heat the stones by use a wood, gas or electric stove. more behind, the water pours over the hot rockssauna to create steam. These saunas often claim to be mine
health that includes chemical detox, increased metabolism, weight loss, growth blood circulation, pain reduction,anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, improvement of cardiovascular function, improvement of immune function, improving sleep, stress management and relaxation. Before entering the sauna, drink one to two glasses water and rinse in the shower. Warm up in one dry sauna up to 10 minutes without adding
humidity. Get out and rinse in a second shower fast. Let your body continue to cool down by drinking something refreshing, such as water.

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