SULAGPO, Adapting Socially Responsive Architecture in Regional Detention and Rehabilitation Center in Region 3: A prevention on

Ria Frances Sanchez
Mapúa Institute of Technology (MIT), School of Architecture, Industrial Design and the Built Environment

Idea projektu

This project was formulated to improve the current conditions of children in conflict with the law (CICL) in the Philippines. It will also incorporate architectural techniques to prevent these children from recidivism factors. The goal of SULAGPO is to lessen the rates of CICL in regional rehabilitation centers by using socially responsive architecture and normative design theory in transforming and improving the existing facilities in the region.

Popis projektu

The scope of the project solution will be seen on the main parts of the complex which are the following:

-Residential Dormitories
-Training and educational facilities
-Administrative facilities and,
- Recreational facilities

Architectural solutions will largely be seen from the planning of the whole facility up to the interior of the spaces. The limit of the project will be on the supply of workers, staff, and detailed budget.

Technické informace

The construction of the building is made of light materials like bamboo on stilts and thatch roofing . The project will be utilizing tropical architecture that will optimize wind and sun orientation, and cooling techniques that will enhance natural ventilation.


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