Amoranto Park

Ezekiel Legaspi
University of Santo Tomas (UST), College of Architecture

Idea projektu

The Filipino has been jumping, lifting, skidding, and gliding on the world stage. Defying boundaries brought about by natural stature and stereotypes in sports. The concept doesn't restrict itself to the local context but goes beyond the micro-identity of the structure; it encompasses the identity of a contemporary Filipino athlete to the world. The kineticism of the Filipino athlete is the inspiration throughout the design. In the search for a contemporary Filipino identity, the depiction was inspired by the iconic contemporary artwork Sabel by the national artist Benedicto Cabrera. The artwork’s strong elements of kineticism shown through the flowing and waving garments are paired with the mysterious facial expression of the subject embodied in the structure. The proposed Amoranto Park introduces a balanced approach to all demands of the stadium stakeholders making serve a purpose with or without sporting events. Located in Quezon City, the stadium represents the Filipino athlete from every corner of the country while serving the local community around it.

Popis projektu

The project aims to cater to consumer and athletic demand with the stadium as the common ground to maximize the purpose of the stadium. Its architectural contribution is to redefine the purpose and role of the stadium to its stakeholders through the balance of consumer, athlete, and architectural demand.

Technické informace

The current publicly accessible space in the complex is equivalent to at least 75% of the original land area. This allows the public to reclaim and reap the benefits of well-designed public spaces. For instance, some laws require for some strategic areas to replace 100 percent of the land area with green spaces within the property. The complex is a porous structure where people within the vicinity can pass through. Its porosity also makes ventilation efficient with air seeping through bamboo claddings’ horizontal air inlet and vertical outlet. The complex is highly accessible through Metro, Bus, and Active transportation such as bikes and walking while private cars are only restricted to the basement with limited parking spaces. Given that bamboo is abundant in tropical regions, the stadium can be a pioneer in
large-scale sustainable bamboo projects in the country. Research shows that bamboo has properties exceeding or comparable to timber-based products.

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