Rejuvenating Kirthar Park Biodiversity through Architecture

Tazeen Afshan
University of Karachi, Department of Visual Studies

Idea projektu

Kirthar Park is one of the most famous and second-largest national wildlife park of Pakistan. This park is home to different mammals, invertebrates, birds, and important endangered fauna. But in the current context loss of habitat due to illegal use and hunting of wildlife, overexploitation of resources, neglect towards animal health, and lack of awareness have created a negative impact on biodiversity which has resulted in the disruption of the ecosystem as well. If these species are not protected, they will become extinct from the ecosystem leaving nothing for future generations. The thesis is focused on finding solutions to conserve the ecosystem by making the necessary intervention in the built environment. The aim is to create awareness to ensure that endangered species can be saved from going extinct.

Popis projektu

In today's increasingly urbanized world, man is losing his most important
interaction with the natural world and, as a result, becoming distinct from it.
With the rapid advancement of various countries' development and
infrastructure. Vast areas of land that were once forests or natural habitats and breeding grounds for plant and animal biodiversity are now being converted into concrete jungles. Cities are engulfed in a dome, cutting off all activities related to natural settings; this fails to educate visitors about the world's abundance of zoological and botanical species, as well as ecosystems that once thrived.
So National parks become an important source of awareness of the importance of other living creatures because when a visitor visits a national park and came in contact with a new species of animal and questions the facts about the animal. This makes the person more aware of the ecological and environmental issues in the world, like mass extinction, and the depletion of animals and plants. This is very important in the current scenario for the younger generations to realize and react in a positive way.
Architects' approaches to design must be reconsidered. Buildings must cater not just to human needs, but also to animal needs too. Promoting a design that supports an interaction between nature and the built world. Instead of destroying existing habitats, the emphasis should be on creating architecture that supports non-human species and makes them feel safe and secure in the built environment. Architecture can help with the establishment of habitat growth through sustainable strategies.
The concept of design revolves around three main aspects:
Rejuvenate – give a new life again
Care – Strengthen the bondage between wildlife and Community,
Exploration – Interaction with other nonhuman beings.
Locals with the help of vets’ assistance monitor and treat the health of injured animals. Infrastructure to host medical and awareness camps. To encourage creative, minimal buildup and natural space so that animals can feel comfortable and get the treatment quickly. A convenient approach to the facility as the site is near the pond and forest so one can easily locate the injured animals. And after the treatment animals can quickly locate their habitat. Using local materials will result in a humble design maintaining familiarity with the surroundings while providing a comfortable environment for locals and other living beings.

Technické informace

The construction of the building is made of Local materials like bamboo columns, timber flooring, and wooden walls which are externally covered with bamboo framing in order to provide small nesting spaces. The tensile structure is followed by a rope net covering covered with natural thick foliage.
The upper deck of the structure is also made up of wooden panels followed by traditional-style bamboo handrails.
The roof consists of bamboo framing along with recycled polythene sheet layering followed by metal framing and is covered with thatch.

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