Urbanistický design a krajinářství

Design concept of reconstruction/development of Marjanishvili square

erekle kereselidze
Ilia state university

Idea projektu

The main goal of the project is to stimulate social, transport and economic factors.
The square is currently focused on vehicular traffic and commerce. The goal of the project is to reorganize the existing space so that the square becomes inclusive, i.e. accessible to everyone. The functions created here will have both an economic and social impact on the existing development.

Popis projektu

According to the project, the parameters of the car road in the area were rearranged and it was equal to the entrance and exit streets to the square, and a traffic light was installed on the entrance street, which ensures the control of the excess flow of cars and their delay beyond the square.

Moreover, the configuration of the square was rearranged in such a way that it simplified the connection between the subway and the bus stop, the configuration of the new square directly separated it from the existing commercial spaces, a part of the new public square where there is an interactive space with an amphitheater along with a recreational area, as well as a temporary installation that helps people perceive themselves As part of the square and a large open square that provides control of the flow of people coming and going from the metro and creates a single large space for them.

recreational space

Depending on the architectural appearance of the square, the plants should be low and should play a background role as much as possible, so that the dominance and perception of the square's architecture is not lost. The location of the planting itself helps to create a kind of barrier between the busy street and the square, which should reduce the noise level and the severity of the perception of vehicles.

Interactive space amphitheater

The space that is transformed, in fact, here a child can play, or a teenager can rest, and people of all ages can use the amphitheater, open movie screenings, temporary friendly meetings, informal meetings and others.


A kind of square that stands out for its free planning and large space. This place is located directly at the entrance of the subway, which will accommodate and distribute the flow of large people, and also makes it possible to organize various events and thematic fairs.
The square itself and the whole new square configuration enhances the architectural appearance of the square and gives you the opportunity to perceive the entire avenue and the square.

temporary installation

The installation made of processed metal, which reflects the environment, gives the viewer the opportunity to perceive the square and the architecture in a different way, and at the same time reflects that he and the persons in this square are part of this space.
Eliminating the existing problems and making the square as inclusive as possible had a decisive role in the design process.What has been expressed in the fact that the new square is already safe and more accessible and even more on the square the feeling of publicity is enhanced

Technické informace

The area of public spaces in the square has increased significantly, if previously the sidewalks were divided and it was difficult to coordinate between them, now the accessibility has increased.

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