Hidden villas_miris garden

Romana Ručková
Faculty of Architecture and Design STU in Bratislava

Idea projektu

The project was based on a proposed urban study for a currently undeveloped area in the holiday destination of Dalmatia in Croatia. The proposed territory is located near the city of Starigrad - a popular tourist destination. However, there were shortcomings in the proposed urban planning, so it was necessary to comprehensively solve this area from the beginning. We extended the urban planning study to the outskirts of the city of Starigrad and determined the functional contents of individual zones. There were 3 zones for the construction of villas and family houses. The character of the entire territory is mainly influenced by the sloping terrain. The biggest advantages of this location are the natural phenomena - the high mountains and Paklenica National Park to the east and the Adriatic Sea to the west.
The solved territory is located in the southernmost zone of villas. This zone is defined as quiet, private and relaxing. The proposal consists of two villas intended for short-term accommodation. Their operation will be ensured by the reception in the apartment houses nearby. The concept was to design villas that would be completely private - hidden. The sloping terrain allowed us to bury the villas and thus they merged with the surrounding environment. only a small part of the villa is located on the visible 2nd floor, so the villas seem small at first glance.

Popis projektu

Villa A
The villa has two floors and the entrance to the villa is buried in the ground. From the entrance hall, we can see the sea through the glass wall right at the entrance to the building. The living area is central with a kitchen, dining room, living room, storage space and an open staircase to the 2nd floor. The night zones are located in separate modules that are connected by a corridor to the day zone. One module contains a master bedroom with a large, spacious bathroom with toilet, shower and bathtub with a view of the sea. The second module contains a children's room with two beds, a bedroom, a shared bathroom with a shower, a separate toilet and a room called By moving the modules, outdoor terraces were created between them - one is accessible from the living room and there is an outdoor kitchen. The second is accessible from the master bedroom. A terrace with a swimming pool and whirlpool stretches along the entire length of the building.
On the 2nd floor there is a sauna with sanitary facilities, an outdoor terrace and a second luxurious master bedroom with a bathroom.

Vila B
The villa is identical to Villa A except for one missing bedroom module on the 2nd floor.

Technické informace

Urban solution:
From an urban point of view, the existing urban and architectural structure of the residence will be supplemented. The intention is to use the buildings as single-family villas in the future. The area under consideration is undeveloped, the construction of civic amenities and other forms of temporary as well as year-round accommodation is planned in the vicinity.

Architectural - structural characteristics:
The architectural-structural solution of the objects fits into the planned surrounding development with emphasis to use and project local materials such as wood and stone. The vertical structures of the villa are prefabricated using brick as filler masonry, horizontal structures are made of monolithic reinforced concrete. Wood-aluminum windows with insulating triple glazing are installed in the building openings.

Disposition and operational solution:
The floor plans of the proposed private villas are irregular in shape. From the point of view of use, the building is functionally and structurally designed as a single unit with spaces intended exclusively for one housing unit. The villas are accessible from the east. All internal rooms are illuminated with natural light and artificial lighting within the limits of possibilities and technical solutions.


ZONE 5, private one storey villas

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