Miris Mall

Recep Furkan Eren
International University of Sarajevo - Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Idea projektu

My idea is to integrate the mall inside this rough terrain, without disturbing the area and designed with landscape. Commercial center is oriented towards to atlantic sea.

Popis projektu

I create a circulation by directing people to the lowest floor and increase the flow even more by giving a ramp from -3. floor to -2. floor in the middle which is the main floor. On the ground floor which is main enterence for commercial center designed with landscape and it consists of 50 car parking , and service parking for both sides, left side is connected with restaurant 1 floor below and right side is connected with market 1 floor below. In -1. floor consists restaurants, dining areas (close and open) , market and children playground to give families some relax time. -2.floor and -3. floor is mostly retail. Also office building have different enterence for workers and another enterence from -3.floor.

Technické informace

The construction of the building is made of most of it stone. Which is local material in this area.


ZONE 4, commercial centre


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