Hotel 21

Klementina Buseva, Marta Miteva
AFS - Saints Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje, Faculty of Architecture

Idea projektu

The design proposal for the hotel situated in Starigrad, Croatia is an exploration of our attachment to nature. The expressive body of the design is a result of forming a deep familiarity with the context. The structure of
the building is composed out od 21 load bearing walls. The functions are the element which gets to live between the walls. Each wall is a carrier of functions itself, and along the height of the building it adapts to the needs of the plan. The character of the walls enables forming passages, sitting areas, divisions, connections between the spaces of the hotel. The walls carry both a functional and aesthetic value .They act as the main element that gives the shape of skin of the building.

Popis projektu

The intention of the low body of the structure is to appear as a vital part of the context that is embedded in nature’s flesh. The form of the bulding is supposed to act as an extension of nature. The hotel contains exactly 100 rooms that are of various types.
The terraces have green roofs which serve as spacious gardens for the rooms. The rooms follow the perimeter of the expressive shape and receive continous views to the Adriatic sea. The green roofs are in control of the quantityof sun that enters the rooms.

Technické informace

The hotel contains 2 underground levels for parking. The ground level is half buried and it contains underground parking, restaurant kitchen, SPA which is illuminated from a garden, fitness center, hairdressers and barbers, indoor pool and 29 rooms. The first floor is the floor which makes a connection with the main road and it contains the reception, lobby bar, lounge bar, restaurant that has a gallery on the second floor, outdoor infinity swimming pool and 22 rooms. The first floor has a tennis court, volleyball court and balote court. The second floor contains 25 rooms and administration. The third and fourth floor both contain rooms. The hotel has green roof terraces. All 100 rooms have ocean views.


ZONE 3, hotel and carpark

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