Three Storey Apartment Building

Gvantsa Margiani, Nina Avdalyan, Ivane Gventsadze, Ana Kubetsia
The University of Georgia

Idea projektu

The building is a three storey apartment building located in the village of Starigrad, Croatia. The goal of the project is to adapt living spaces as much as possible not only to its functional purpose, but also to environmental conditions, landscape and local climate, and to absorb and consume as much as possible the energy and benefits of inexhaustible natural resources; To improve the quality of life, reduce energy bills and ultimately become a model of eco-friendly, sustainable architecture that will create an efficiently functioning space adapted to people and environment.

Popis projektu

The shape and planning of the building was determined by the data of the location of the area, the average temperature and the path of the sun. Since Starigrad is located in the northern hemisphere, the sun hits the area from the south, so in order to fully utilize the solar energy, the shape of the building is modified by the horizontal rotation of the levels towards the south. The planning solution involves placing the most frequently used and important spaces to the south.
Due to the difference in environmental conditions in different seasons, the building uses such an architectural solution that protects the building from overheating from the hot summer sun, the sun rays will be blocked during the summer, yet will still penetrate into the house during the winter. The specific data of the sun’s path are: during the summer solstice - on June 21, the altitude - 70 degrees, the azimuth - 124 degrees; At the winter solstice, the altitude - 23 degrees, the azimuth - 58 degrees, This determined the amount of south-facing collector glass required for this strategy to be effective.
The orientation of the building form to the south also has the advantage of the sea view and the synthesis with the landscape. The slope of the site is also inclined to the south and nothing can block solar access, which is an additional natural benefit for the effective implementation of the passive strategy and obtaining functional and visual results.
Due to the climate of the area and the strong winds here, the project also uses a natural ventilation method, which involves determining the correct location and number of openings in the building. In this way, the building becomes less dependent on mechanical sources of ventilation and creates another way to improve the comfort of the residents, which is manifested in the presence of quality air and reduced bills.

Technické informace

For the construction of the body, an innovative material was selected: mass timber, the characteristics of which ensure not only structural strength, but also visual aesthetics. Since the mass timber construction is prefabricated, its ease of construction and safety are greatly improved. Most importantly, the mas timber material is resistant to weather and seismic activity, is environmentally friendly and has thermal insulation capabilities.
The cladding material of the building is locally produced limestone, which, in addition to its visual purpose, is also naturally flame resistant, has a good effect on the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, is a natural insulator and temperature stability.
The building uses green roofs with a rainwater drainage and storage system, which after filtration will be used throughout the building; Passive solar design and cross ventilation strategies to improve building temperature stability and air quality. The energy sources of the applied strategies are inexhaustible and drastically reduce the harmful impact on the ecology and our living environment.


ZONE 2, three storey apartment buildings, (ground floor + 2 levels)

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