Private villa(s)

Marta Miteva, Klementina Buseva
AFS - Saints Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje, Faculty of Architecture

Idea projektu

Moving through the impressive dalmatian landscapes and sites, one element is ever present - the villa
This design proposal begins with looking at the roots of vernacular architecture and the traditional house.
The private villa in this proposal is an attempt at making a connection to the past but transcribing it into the
present. The vernacular dalmatian house and its incredible sensibility to nature and its position in it serves as
an inspiration for this project.

Popis projektu

This proposal is an attempt at both forming a bond with
nature and preserving nature. The villa in the design is a 5 bedroom villa composed of 3 modules situated on the
site in a way that tries to mimic the dynamic terrain. We believe that this manner creates a union between nature and architecture. As the villa merges with nature it does so timidly and it doesn’t completely interfere with it.
The piles on which the villa sits are the method that leads to protecting the context.
The spatial composition of this villa is influenced by dalmatian architecture in which houses originate from one house
and with time they group around the mother house and form patios that are collectively used. The placement of the
3 modules form a patio which is an element taken from the traditional architecture. Furthemore, the 3 modules are connected
with communications that are perpendicular to the Adriatic sea and look out to the endless expanse of the body of water.

Technické informace

The villa is on piles. It contains three modules. Two of the modules are identical and contain bedrooms and bathrooms. One of the modules contains the living room and kitchen. The villa has infinity pool that stretches towards the roof of one of the modules.


ZONE 5, private one storey villas

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